Next Concept s.r.l. , by name of PLAY ON! MUSIC TOGETHER, provides early childhood music education - "Music Together Mixed-Age Classes" - for children aged between 0-5 years and their attending adults.


The key terms will be known throughout the current form as follows:

• MTMAC - Music Together Mixed-Age Classes.

• POMT - Play On! Music Together.

• CHILD (or CHILDREN) - child (or children) registered in class.

• SB - sibling of registered child.

• ATTENDANT – parent or any adult (grandparent, nanny, etc.) who accompanies the child in the MTMAC.

• SEMESTER – 10 MTMAC "Maracas Collection" themed classes.

• GROUP – all families registered for one SEMESTER, attending the MTMAC together at the same time and address. A group consists of at least 6 CHILDREN and 12 at the most.

• VISITOR – any non-registered child, family member, friend, single/accompanied, attending MTMAC.

• DEMO CLASS – a demo class for first time participants.



Terms and conditions:



• The registration is first-come first serve based, subject to availability. It enforces only after the full fee per SEMESTER is paid.

• The registration fee must be paid prior to the first MTMAC class of the SEMESTER in progress.

• The registration confirmation will be send via email within maximum 48 hrs after the payment of the registration fee has been confirmed.


What you get for your SEMESTER registration

• 10 complete 45-minute MTMAC in 10 weeks. Each class includes parent-guidance for adults on improving their child’s early music development.

• Each registered family will receive a CD package (containing 2 CDs) and a nicely-illustrated songbook from the current collection (“Maracas”), and a “Musical Growth Chart” music development guide .

• Online access to music, curriculum and guiding material, in "Family Music Zone" on

• Unlimited acces to "Hello Everybody" IOS and Android app.

• Families new to the program will receive a DVD and a "Music Together at home: helping your child grow musically" brochure.


Registration fee

• The normal registration fee amounts to 600 lei for the whole SEMESTER per CHILD. Depending on your tuition option it varies.

• Each SB of the CHILD attending the same classes gets a 50% discount.

• Infants under 8 months attend the classes for free, provided they are SB and attend the same classes with the registered CHILD.

• Participation fee per VISITOR is 60 lei/class.


Registration fee refund

• There is a full cancellation fee for any registration canceled within two weeks prior to the SEMESTER start date, minus the 20 lei processing fee.

• There is a administrative cancellation fee for any registration canceled less than two weeks prior to the SEMESTER start date. Full refund, minus the 100 lei processing fee.

• No refunds will be given after the first day of the SEMESTER. Exceptions will consist in reporting the sums as pre-payments for the next SEMESTER, if mutually agreed.


GROUPS cancellation or modification

• We reserve the right to cancel a group due to insufficient registrations.

• We try to notify on cancellations as soon as possible, and no later than the start of the third week of the semester.

• If the GROUP is cancelled, the participant will be registered in another GROUP or according to his/her second option, and, provided this option is not available, the registration fee is fully refunded.

• There is a full refund of the registration fee if the cancellation of the GROUP is made prior to the start of the SEMESTER.

• Following the start of the SEMESTER, each registred family will get 30 lei refund for each MTMAC cancelled session left until the end, also keeping all the received materials.

• Provided that one GROUP is not complete and another one is fully booked, we reserve the right to ask the parents to switch the GROUPS, if the incomplete one is mentioned as second option on the form, in order to enjoy a more relaxing Music Together experience, and also to keep both GROUPS active.


MTMAC make-up class

• Whether you miss one MTMAC class due to unforeseen emergencies, we shall attempt to schedule a make-up class within another group or during a DEMO CLASS.

• The number of make-up classes permited are according to your registration tuition option.

• You can attend a make-up class only according to an email/telephone notified pre-appointment.



• A VISITOR may attend a MTMAC session, subject to availability, only after pre-scheduling his visit 24 hrs. prior to the session and ATTENDED.

• VISITORS must pay the participation fee as stipulated on the “Registration fee” paragraph.

• One VISITOR cannot attend more than 2 MTMAC classes throughout the SEMESTER without being registered.



• A CHILD cannot participate in a MTMAC class UNATTENDED.

• The ATTENDANT IS THE SOLE RESPONSIBLE FOR THE CHILD’S SAFETY DURING THE MTMAC. We therefore require that the children are accompanied by their parents or trustworthy adults.

• The ATTENDANT must look after the CHILD, be active in the class, must not leave the classroom during the session and must not have a violent behavior towards the other children.

• POMT leaves to the ATTENDANT to look after two CHILDREN at the most.

• Should two or several ATTENDANTS want to participate in a MTMAC session with a CHILD, please notify your intention on email 24 hrs prior to the session. Although, as a general rule, this should not be a problem, provided there are fully booked GROUPS, we shall attempt not to overcrowd them. Therefore, we shall recommend you to register your ATTENDANTS as VISITORS which subsequently requires the payment of the participation fee.


Snacks and toys

• No snacks or toys are allowed in the MTMAC classroom. They may distract the children’s attention and generate unnecessary conflicts.

• Please make sure to keep any beverages in non spill bottles and outside the active zone of the classroom.


Photo & Video

• Taking photos or filming is not allowed during MTMAC classes, as they distract the participants’ attention.

• Please ask for permission to take photos during "Play Along Jam Session" or at the end of the class from Music Together teacher.

• Please make sure the only child captured on photo/video is YOURS. We must respect the right to privacy and family life of all MTMAC participants.


Inclement weather

• Play On! Music Together is in accordance with the public education schedule of Bucharest. Provided the public schools close due to bad weather, so do we, and notify you on email.

• We shall also notify you on prolonging the SEMESTER due to the abovementioned interruption.



Please do not bring a sick CHILD to class. Provided that your child has fever or presents contagious symptoms, please contact us to schedule a makeup class.